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Le Speakeasy Restaurant

There are only a handful of vegan restaurants in all of Nice, and one that you MUST visit is Le Speakeasy. This little restaurant was opened by a California native 18 years ago, and became the first vegan restaurant in existence in Nice.

The owner is also the server AND the chef – and she is mega talented. The flavours of her cooking reminded me of Thanksgiving dinner – less the animal cruelty! This amazing woman dedicated her life to spreading the vegan message and offering plant-based alternatives to the people of Nice and the tourists who visit each year. It has not been an easy road for her… Owning a small business in France (never mind a vegan restaurant!) is riddled with challenges, harassment, and corruption. If you do not conform – it will not be easy for you. Period.

I was truly inspired by her story and she actually mentioned that she’s considering writing a book in the future to create awareness and educate people regarding the challenges she has faced in France, and continues to face today.

Le Speakeasy Restaurant Nice

I wish her only the best and am so grateful that people like her exist – to fight for the animals, for justice, and for peace. She said to me that it’s a vicious world out there – and I agree – but we must continue to fight for the animals and have faith that one day things will change, and that there will be peace and justice for all.

If you plan on visiting Nice you must pay her restaurant a visit. The food is incredible and she proves that eating animal products is completely unnecessary; you can get all the flavours and nutrients your body desires and needs through a vegan lifestyle.

Le Speakeasy Restaurant Nice


Molly xx

Ps. Within the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing a post regarding my views on veganism in France… so stay tuned!


“In fact, if one person is unkind to an animal it is considered to be cruelty, but where a lot of people are unkind to animals, especially in the nature of commerce, the cruelty is condoned and, once large sums of money are at stake, will be defended to the last by otherwise intelligent people.”

– Ruth Harrison (1920 – 2000)

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