Month: August 2017

Back Bend Yoga Pose

Discovering and Embracing Our Oneness

Good morning everyone! <3 I wanted to start the week off with a bit of a reflective post, relating to a beautiful quote I read the other day by Black Elk. If you keep up with my Instagram page, you’ll already be familiar with my love for beautiful quotes and inspiring messages… So, let’s stick with that theme for today’s post. 😉 “The peace which is the most important, is that which comes to the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe.” -Black Elk I fell in love with this quote because I feel it to be an absolute truth in my own life… Once this peace came to me, this understanding (of the ‘bigger picture’ so to speak), my life and perspective was forever changed. Now, this doesn’t mean that my everyday is sunshine and lollipops, but it does mean that I understand things have meaning. Coincidence does not exist. Everything in this life is a lesson… and sometimes it takes a lot of reflection to find a …

Othello Tunnels

Exploring Othello Tunnels in Hope, BC

Good morning loves! <3 It’s been a little bit since my last post, so I really hope you’re all doing well, enjoying the summer, and keeping cool! You’ve probably heard by now, of the raging fires in British Columbia… I believe there are 123 active fires at the moment. Consequently, the air quality where we live is very poor. We are immersed in a huge smoke cloud, and can no longer see the mountains… That being said, I believe rain is on the horizon! It looks as though it may start to cool down a bit next week, as we’re finally seeing some rain clouds in the forecast! Let us take a moment to really feel the rain, and believe it’s presence is upon us.  It’s not so nice to be outside in this smoky weather, so Irek and I have been hiding out in our apartment, with our pretty kitty cat, Petrie Dumbledore. However, we did manage to get out a few days ago and explore a beautiful place called Othello Tunnels. The tunnels …