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Èze Village, France

The other day we went to the most beautiful little town called Èze Village. It’s actually the highest point in all of Côte D’Azur so the view of the Mediterranean Sea was breathtaking. It was first populated around 2000 BC, so you can imagine all the history that lives there. Walt Disney actually spent a significant amount of time in this medieval village over the years.

Eze Village France

Eze Village France

I have never fallen in love with a place so fast like I did with Èze; the cobblestone pathways, the stone buildings, the colourful flowers, the cute little shops… It was something out of a story book; so charming and romantic. I can only imagine all the inspiration Walt Disney must have cultivated in this beautiful place.

We explored the exotic gardens at the very top of the village and I was in absolute awe of the beautiful succulents and cacti from all around the world. Irek and I also shared a bottle of rose at this amazing bar overlooking the sea. We both agreed that it was the most beautiful bar we’ve ever visited in the world… It even topped Rock Bar Bali for us!

Eze Village France

After we spent a few hours exploring the village, Irek and I joined my sister and her husband for a short hike down the mountain to the beach. It took about an hour and we were able to see the amazing rock cliffs jutting out and again it had unbelievable views of the Mediterranean Sea. I’m so grateful we were able to do that together- another experience we’ll never forget.

Eze Village France

If you visit Nice, Èze is a 100% must. It’s only about a 30 minute drive up to the hilltop and completely worth it.

Have a lovely day! 🙂

Molly xx


“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”

– Walt Disney


  1. So beautiful, in 2014 my wife and I were in Nice and Monaco and around the area for 9 days but we did not hat the rime to visit the Èze Village, it was in our list but did not had the rime. Looking at these lovely pictures that you make me thing of planing another trip in the area so we can visit this place this time.
    Great post and very nice images ot seems that you and Irek had amazing trip. Take care 🙂

      • Yes it is lovely. We already started making plans to go back, maybe in September we will make trip to Barcelona and drive all the way to Nice and visit Èze Village. Lovely picture you have made and yes it is magical :):)

        • Molly Catherine says

          Oh my gosh! That’s amazing. Hope you and your wife have a lovely time! It’s definitely one of those places you dream of going back to. 🙂 All the best Todor!!

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