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Exploring Whistler with Nita Lake Lodge

A couple weeks ago we spent some time at Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler. To be honest, I fell in love the second we stepped foot on the property. Okay… so that could have had something to do with the three overwhelmingly gorgeous golden retrievers sprawled out in the middle of the lobby! I can’t think of a more perfect welcome. 🙂  Since the hotel is pet friendly, they have many neighbourhood pups who hang out and greet people as they’re checking in, while their parents are enjoying a few cocktails at the lounge… So adorable!! <3

Nita Lake Lodge has a very relaxed, tranquil atmosphere. I felt like any tension I was carrying dissipated immediately, even just within the first few minutes of being there… I’m already dreaming of how lovely it will be to spend some time there in the summer. It’s actually the only hotel on a lake in Whistler, so it’s the place to be in the warmer months if you’re into kayaking and supping etc! Irek and I will for sure head back in July or August for a few nights. 🙂

Nita Lake Lodge Whistler

We had some really lovely meals at Nita Lake Lodge. The hotel has some great vegan options and they’re very health conscious overall, which is so great! The first night we checked we had a lovely dinner at Aura Restaurant with our friends Reid and Maryrose of Wanderlustyle Travel Blog. Not only was the food amazing, but the conversation even better! It’s so nice connecting with like-minded people who are genuinely kind, supportive, and just truly want the best for each other. I miss them already!

Nita Lake Lodge Whistler

Our room at the lodge could not have been cozier! We had a beautiful view of Whistler mountain and there was nature all around… what more can you ask for!? Waking up to the birds chirping and the fresh mountain air is pretty magical. Nita Lake Lodge is the perfect getaway even if you just head up for the weekend. I guarantee you’ll leave feeling super refreshed and ready to tackle another week…

Now, if you do plan on visiting the hotel, I highly recommend having a treatment at the Nita Lake Lodge Spa. They use all organic products and were ranked in the top 20 spas in all of Canada, as well as top 10 organic spas in the world! The Ila Kundalini massage is their signature treatment and it focuses on the 7 Chakras to either bring energy in, or release it. I was definitely receptive to the massage and was able to reach a very calm, meditative state. It’s a treatment that helps to balance you and find your centre. It was truly beautiful so definitely check it out if you’re in Whistler!

Nita Lake Lodge Whistler

Other than spending time relaxing at the lodge, we headed out on a snowmobiling adventure with Reid, Mary and their son Landon. It was honestly one of the most fun winter days I’ve ever had… I’m not huge into winter sports and I much prefer beaches to mountains, but the snowmobiling was so much fun! And the views from Cougar Mountain were so epic. A huge thank you to The Adventure Group for hosting us! I plan on this being a regular activity with all of our visitors going forward! 🙂

Whistler Canada

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and got a bit of a feel for the beauty of Whistler and Nita Lake Lodge!  We had an amazing time and can’t wait to visit again soon. Huge thank you to Nita Lake Lodge for hosting us!

Sending love,

Molly xx


“The world is but canvas to our imaginations.”

– Henry David Thoreau

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