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How I Maintain Healthy Skin & Avoid Breakouts

Good mornings loves!

Recently, I’ve been receiving quite a few questions regarding my ‘skincare best practices’

Since I’ve personally gone through quite a transformation over the past few years with my own skincare routine, I thought it may be helpful to share some tips with you guys. Hopefully you’ll see positive results as well! <3

  1. Eliminate animal products from your diet. There is nothing worse for your skin in my opinion than dairy, and meat products. Before I became vegan I used to break out quite often (and usually after eating a big cheesy pizza). So, if you are an omnivore, try even just eliminating animal products for a week or two- so you can see for yourself. I guarantee you’ll notice less breakouts, and more radiant skin almost immediately.
  2. Increase your water intake. As soon as you start drinking more water and filtering out all those toxins, you allow your skin to breathe again. I drink 3 litres of water everyday and this definitely keeps my skin healthy and glowing (not to mention all the other benefits of keeping nicely hydrated- i.e. increased energy, digestive health etc). 
  3. Cleanse your face daily. Even if you don’t wear makeup everyday you still need to cleanse and wash your face. Throughout the day we get all kinds of buildup on our skin which obviously clogs pores. Think about it- using a great skin moisturizer, but not cleansing first, defeats the whole purpose. First you need to cleanse and clear, and then apply the moisturizer.  I recommend checking out OSEA Malibu, specifically their Ocean Cleanser (it’s light and perfect for daily use).
  4. Eliminate stressors from your life. Sometimes stress and breakouts go hand in hand. Our mind and body is so interconnected that stress or anxiety can be a definite cause for nasty breakouts. I used to live a very busy, stressful life (most of us do), and was therefore prone to getting bad breakouts. I now meditate consistently, and in conjunction with the above 3 points, I rarely have skin issues anymore.

So just be aware and do your best to incorporate the above points into your daily routine. I would absolutely love to hear your feedback in the comments below. 😉

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day.


Molly xx

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