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Movement Fundamentals with Namaste TV

Namaste TV Palo Santo Wood

Good morning!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working through a new program from Namaste TV called Movement Fundamentals. The program consists of 10 ‘animal inspired’ movements i.e. frog, monkey, scorpion, gorilla etc. I actually expected it to be relatively easy for me to grasp, however some of the movements are a little bit complex and require some time and repitition to grasp. I’m still trying to nail the bear-crab roll, martial arts kick, and pistol squat! 😛

The two photos you see below are a couple of my favourite movements from the program- the top one is frog and the one below is gorilla! I included photos of level 1, but in the actual program you will see level 1, 2 and 3 demonstrated by the program leader Slava Goloubov (he’s amazing btw!).

Namaste TV Movement Fundamentals

I also absolutely love the corkscrew movement… However I’m still practicing it so that I can work up to level 3, which is done with the use of no hands!

I love this movement because as mentioned on the Namaste TV website, it offers a different way to get up and down! This movement also serves as a reminder that you don’t always need to take the easy way out! Expand your horizons a bit and challenge your mobility. 😉

Namaste TV Movement Fundamentals

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep our movement practice fresh. If we continue to do the same movements day in and day out, this will lead to massive stagnation and a serious hault in our physical and mental growth. Challenge and change is necessary… that is if you want to evolve!

If you have any questions about the program, please let me know. And if you do try it out, you’ll not only get access to the 10 movement videos, but also an amazing 77 page instructional PDF, AND access to the Movement Fundamentals Exclusive Facebook Page where some of Namaste TV‘s movement leaders will be posting videos to show you how they incorporate these 10 movements into their daily yoga / movement practice! I guarantee you’ll be blown away by the quality of this community- it thrives on love, support and sharing. Namaste TV truly is one of my favourite Vancouver based companies. <3

If you are interested in trying out Movement Fundamentals, you can visit the Namaste TV website and use code “NAMASTEMOLLY” for 15% off- this code will work for the entire website. They have some beautiful yoga flows on their site as well and some amazing products you can purchase (such as their Namaste TV apparel, and my favourite Palo Santo wood from South America – which I use before every yoga and meditation session to cleanse and uplift the energy in my home).

Namaste TV Palo Santo Wood

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you will get on your mat this weekend and MOVE… Maybe join me in practicing some gorilla and monkey movements hehe! Wish you all the best loves. 🙂


Molly xx

Wearing; Inhale/Exhale tank by Namaste TV, Leopard leggings by Urban Nirvana.

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