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The Butterfly Effect

Costa Rica Garden

A couple of weeks ago I had the most magical experience. I rolled out my yoga mat to begin my daily practice, but the universe had other plans…

I got through only half of my warm up sequence when the most beautiful Monarch butterfly came to play. She flew all around my mat, radiating love and light, eventually landing on my foot… And there she stayed.

She stayed for what felt like an eternity as I grew more and more blissed out. It was as though an angelic presence enveloped my space, and I became giddy like a schoolgirl. The butterfly continued to dance around me as I giggled uncontrollably… while my husband sat back and watched with curiosity and love in his eyes.

My husband was the one that realized this was a message from the Divine. He directed me to go into meditation saying that he thought it was an angel and I should see what she’s trying to tell me. I spent the next 15 minutes in silence, feeling light, almost as if I was floating.

When I finished meditating, my husband continued to direct the experience, as if he knew what was meant to happen… He told me to sit and write. So I did. And hence began my first experience with automatic writing.

Costa Rica Garden

“Beauty is always there, right in front of us, we just have to be ready to live into it. Change if we must, transform into the true beauty of our being, our soul’s essence. 

Be true to yourself in every moment, of every day. There is a naturalness to this that will allow all of your dreams and desires to be recognized. 

Flourish as you were meant to. This world is wondrous and magical and in it’s true essence, a school. 

Let your heart guide you, let your true self shine through. And all is coming. Love and light.”

I hope you all have an absolutely beautiful week. I cannot stress enough the importance of meditation. I believe there is no better way to tune into your true essence, than meditation and quiet contemplation. And yes, it takes discipline… in the beginning it’s hard. But like anything you must persevere, until you reach a point where you need it, you want it, and your life is not the same without those quiet, magical moments to yourself. Trust me on this. Sending all my love.


Molly xx

Thank you so much to Batikarma for the lovely yoga towel. 


  1. Stela Stoykova says

    So beautiful message Molly! … and fascinating story telling ❤ It is a great reminder and an example that we are more than just physical existence.
    Thank you for sharing ❤❤❤

  2. Eckhard Müller says

    Great article. Love your pictures. Where do you live?

  3. Kenny says

    What a fantastic experience!! I’ve also had a similar experience as well, long story but it beautiful and furthermore solidified my beliefs of existence beyond!!! What a gorgeous place to meditate and just get off the grid and tune in to yourself!!! God bless and thanks for your sharing your experience!!

    • Molly Catherine says

      Hi Kenny! Thank you so much for sharing. These experiences definitely solidify our belief in something more than ourselves. I wish you lots of love and light. Namaste xx

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