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Namaste TV Palo Santo Wood

Movement Fundamentals with Namaste TV

Good morning! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working through a new program from Namaste TV¬†called Movement Fundamentals. The program consists of 10 ‘animal inspired’ movements i.e. frog, monkey, scorpion, gorilla etc. I actually expected it to be relatively easy for me to grasp, however some of the movements are a little bit complex and require some time and repitition to grasp. I’m still trying to nail the bear-crab roll, martial arts kick, and pistol squat! ūüėõ The two photos you see below are a couple of my favourite movements from the program- the top one is frog and the one below is gorilla! I included photos of level 1, but in the actual program you will see level 1, 2 and 3 demonstrated by the program leader Slava Goloubov (he’s amazing btw!). I also absolutely love the corkscrew movement… However I’m still practicing it so that I can work up to level 3, which is done with the use of no hands! I love this movement because as mentioned on the Namaste …

Yoga Inspiration from Tulum, Mexico

Good morning! <3 I truly hope you’re all doing well and are excited for the beautiful things to come in the last quarter of 2017! I personally love this time of year… For me, it feels like a new beginning. Autumn is almost upon us, the air is fresh and crisp, the kids are back to school… It’s quite a nostalgic time really. ūüôā Irek and I arrived home from Mexico last week and are still getting back into the groove and finding our way back into our daily ‘routines’! I’m so grateful that we got to spend some quality time with our good friends, Amy¬†and Carlo, in Tulum… and although the trip didn’t go exactly as planned, we bonded on a much deeper level and to me, that is worth so much more than a ‘perfect’ vacation with no hiccups or obstacles. I plan on writing a blog post soon dedicated to our Tulum trip where I’ll share some tips and tricks to help you if you do plan on visiting the area… But …

Costa Rica Yoga

Costa Rica Yoga Snaps

Good morning! I hope everyone is having a lovely day so far. I’m back home in Vancouver for the next few weeks and am feeling super refreshed after spending the last couple of weeks in beautiful Costa Rica. ūüôā I didn’t get too many yoga sessions in while we were abroad, but that’s just because we spent so much time exploring and discovering the country. Costa Rica is an incredible place, magical really, and so full of love and positive energy. I plan on sharing lots with you over the next couple of weeks… But for now, I hope you enjoy some of my fave yoga snaps from Costa Rica! Sending lots of love! Have a beautiful week. ūüôā Molly xx Wearing:¬†Tonic Active¬†– use code “Molly20” for 20% off their site. __________ Feeling the oneness of yourself with all things is true love. – Eckhart Tolle¬†

We’re all Connected

It’s crazy to think that most of us go through our lives feeling totally disconnected and disempowered. We believe that life is just happening to us, and all we can do is react… But the truth is, we are all connected; connected to each other, to the planet, and to the endless, infinite energies that exist within this incredible universe. Once you’re able to break through and tap into this infinite energy (divine love if you will), you’ll experience life on a much deeper level…¬†your days will start to have meaning, and purpose. You’ll realize that you are the co-creator of your life and that you have the power. I urge you to take care this year… Meditate and do yoga as much as possible, nourish yourself with plant-based foods, take care of your physical body, and most importantly, treat others with kindness and compassion (including our animal friends). Remember that you can manifest anything you want… we all can; we’re all connected. Namaste, Molly xx Don’t forget to sign up for¬†#TheNamasteChallenge¬†with me! Head to …

Bali Yoga Snaps

My most inspired yoga sessions happen when I’m abroad. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m in a constant state of gratitude and appreciation. That state¬†naturally lends itself to all aspects of life becoming brighter and more colourful. However, the Bali heat definitely challenged me. I forgot how hot and humid it was and had to force myself to push through each session. I’m grateful for the experience though, because¬†your practice will never reach higher levels until you put yourself out there, and test your own limits. I hope you enjoy these yoga shots and perhaps they will inspire you to continue practicing and break through your own barriers, whether they be mental or physical. Cheers, Molly xx Wearing; Tonic Active¬†(use code ‘Molly20’ for 20% off); yoga towels from¬†Sand Cloud¬†(use code ‘MollyPa25’ for 25% off). _________ “Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Caribbean Yoga Snaps

Since arriving home from Mexico a couple weeks ago, Irek and I have been in hibernation mode. It’s been very rainy and dull in BC – we’ve only had a day or two of sun, if that! Definitely not our favourite kind of weather for exploring, although I should try a bit harder to embrace the rain… without it, our province wouldn’t be as lush and beautiful as it is! That being said, I am excited to head to Bali in a couple weeks. It’s been almost two years since we first visited the island – it’s such a magical place. For now though, I thought I’d share some yoga snaps from our time in the Caribbean! Have a beautiful week, sending love!! Namaste, Molly xx Wearing;¬†Tonic Active¬†(use code Molly20 for 20% off) and¬†BoutineLA¬†in. __________ “Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Half Note Trail, Whistler

This past Friday Irek and I planned to do my favourite hike in Whistler called: High Note Trail. However, once we got to the top of Whistler Mountain, we quickly realized that the weather was not going to cooperate. It was looking as though we had a few chilly hours ahead of us… It was 10 degrees on the top of Whistler Mountain, at the most. The forecast was showing full sun and mid twenties, so we thought we’d both be okay with shorts and a t-shirt. We did this hike a couple years ago, and we both recall how hot we were! The sun was beating down and since it’s a black diamond hike (the most challenging hike on Whistler Mountain), we thought we’d quickly work up a sweat… This was not the case on Friday. We started the hike around 11am and quickly into the first hour the clouds rolled in- some not so happy looking, and the wind picked up. We were both shivering and knew it was going to be a …

Summer Days

Irek and I are finally back to our regular routines… Took me a good week and a half to feel 100% after France. Our schedule was so hectic during those two weeks, we didn’t get much sleep, and our diet was off. Definitely takes a toll on your body! But now we’re back and we have some nice sunny, summer weather! We satisfied our Heirloom Vegetarian craving (favourite restaurant in BC) and we’re also getting back into some cross-fit workouts! It feels really good to be on track again. We’re also going to start playing tennis in the evenings, we played 2 or 3 times per week last year and really enjoyed it. Hope everyone is having a lovely summer thus far! All the best. Molly xx Ps. I’m wearing Tonic Lifestyle Apparel in these photos and am actually an ambassador for this brand! I fell in love with them the first time I tried on their gear. Tonic is Vancouver based and they have a huge focus on sustainability- really awesome company! __________ “It’s …

Yoga Backbend

Have Faith in Yourself

It’s so easy to second guess ourselves, or think we aren’t good enough to accomplish something. But these thoughts do not serve us, they deter us from striving to reach our goals, they hold us back from becoming something better. I’m currently working on a couple of projects that have really tested me, and have shown me how important it is to have faith in ourselves. It took me 26 years to believe that I was actually capable of achieving great things. We truly are meant to have an amazing life but that will never happen unless we become vulnerable, and allow ourselves to truly be who we are at our core. I always wanted to have a blog where I could share parts of my life, my journey, my travels etc. and inspire others. But it took me a year to actually launch it… An entire year of questioning and doubting myself. I realize now that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you. YOU have to love yourself and believe in yourself, …

The Chief Hike

Irek and I went on the most epic hike yesterday! It’s called The Chief (Stawamus Chief), and is located in Squamish, British Columbia. The hike is super challenging as it’s a steep uphill incline the entire way until you reach the peak. So, if you plan to do it, make sure you’ve done some cardio ahead of time, and are in good physical shape. Irek and I both do high intensity cardio at least three times a week and a challenging hike like this is a great alternative to our regular routine of running/sprinting or elliptical. I’m feeling super grateful today- grateful to live in this beautiful province, and grateful to have the best adventure buddy a girl could ask for! Enjoy the weekend and go explore, it’s a beautiful world out there! Molly xx __________ “I love living. I think that’s infectious. It is something you cannot fake.” – Will Smith