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Half Note Trail, Whistler

This past Friday Irek and I planned to do my favourite hike in Whistler called: High Note Trail. However, once we got to the top of Whistler Mountain, we quickly realized that the weather was not going to cooperate. It was looking as though we had a few chilly hours ahead of us…

It was 10 degrees on the top of Whistler Mountain, at the most. The forecast was showing full sun and mid twenties, so we thought we’d both be okay with shorts and a t-shirt. We did this hike a couple years ago, and we both recall how hot we were! The sun was beating down and since it’s a black diamond hike (the most challenging hike on Whistler Mountain), we thought we’d quickly work up a sweat… This was not the case on Friday.

Half Note Trail Whistler

We started the hike around 11am and quickly into the first hour the clouds rolled in- some not so happy looking, and the wind picked up. We were both shivering and knew it was going to be a long hike… We also knew that you can cut the hike short by taking a different path back to the gondola, instead of going the entire way around Whistler Mountain. We decided to do just that, as being on the top of a mountain without the proper gear is not an ideal situation.

Half Note Trail Whistler

So, instead of hiking High Note Trail, we completed Half Note Trail. It was a total of about 2.5 hours, as the short cut back to the gondola saved us about 2 hours. Always remember to carry a base layer in your backpack at the very least. The weather on top of a mountain can quickly change and we were lucky we weren’t caught in torrential down pour!

We do plan to head back to Whistler in August or September to complete the full High Note Trail. So, stay tuned for that!

For now, have a beautiful week and keep smiling.


Molly xx

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