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Costa Rica Garden

The Butterfly Effect

A couple of weeks ago I had the most magical experience. I rolled out my yoga mat to begin my daily practice, but the universe had other plans…

I got through only half of my warm up sequence when the most beautiful Monarch butterfly came to play. She flew all around my mat, radiating love and light, eventually landing on my foot… And there she stayed.

She stayed for what felt like an eternity as I grew more and more blissed out. It was as though an angelic presence enveloped my space, and I became giddy like a schoolgirl. The butterfly continued to dance around me as I giggled uncontrollably… while my husband sat back and watched with curiosity and love in his eyes.

My husband was the one that realized this was a message from the Divine. He directed me to go into meditation saying that he thought it was an angel and I should see what she’s trying to tell me. I spent the next 15 minutes in silence, feeling light, almost as if I was floating.

When I finished meditating, my husband continued to direct the experience, as if he knew what was meant to happen… He told me to sit and write. So I did. And hence began my first experience with automatic writing.

Costa Rica Garden

“Beauty is always there, right in front of us, we just have to be ready to live into it. Change if we must, transform into the true beauty of our being, our soul’s essence. 

Be true to yourself in every moment, of every day. There is a naturalness to this that will allow all of your dreams and desires to be recognized. 

Flourish as you were meant to. This world is wondrous and magical and in it’s true essence, a school. 

Let your heart guide you, let your true self shine through. And all is coming. Love and light.”

I hope you all have an absolutely beautiful week. I cannot stress enough the importance of meditation. I believe there is no better way to tune into your true essence, than meditation and quiet contemplation. And yes, it takes discipline… in the beginning it’s hard. But like anything you must persevere, until you reach a point where you need it, you want it, and your life is not the same without those quiet, magical moments to yourself. Trust me on this. Sending all my love.


Molly xx

Thank you so much to Batikarma for the lovely yoga towel. 

yoga school Costa Rica

My Experience at Yoga School

Good morning world,

It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt the desire to share anything on my blog. But today, I feel compelled and excited to give some insight into the two beautiful weeks I spent at Bodhi Tree in Nosara, Costa Rica, attending Teacher Training at Marianne Wells Yoga School.

There is so much I could say, but I think it’s best to begin with the three over-arching aspects of training that I’ll carry with me forever…

  • Teach people not postures. No matter what ‘level’ of yoga you are at, in Marianne’s classes you will always be doing something. Simply skipping a posture and going into childs pose is not an option. Marianne watches and observes her students and provides the necessary variations to ensure her classes are accessible to all who are participating. She taught us in training that it’s really not about reaching the ‘full expression’ of an asana, it’s about doing the right amount for your own body, and knowing the difference between pain and discomfort. Marianne’s teaching style is inclusive and accessible- it’s perfect for someone who’s never done yoga before, but also challenging enough for the seasoned yogi. And again, this is because she teaches people not postures and knows how to guide her classes no matter how diverse they may be. If you decide to attend Marianne’s yoga school, she will teach you and help you to understand the importance of teaching people, not postures.

  • Live in the present moment. This moment is all there is, so instead of anticipating the future, or worrying about the past, just be right here, right now. This is how Marianne and her husband Ron live their lives and I couldn’t think of a more important message to pass on. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali talk about past, present, and future simply as one moment flowing into the next… there is no separation, there is no division. There is just here and now. Some of my most memorable moments from Yoga School were sitting in a circle with Ron, discussing Yoga philosophy.

  • Yoga is so much more than just asanas. Yoga is a way of life. One night in TT we watched a video and in it a famous yogi stated that the only reason asanas were first created was so that the yogis could sit comfortably in meditation. Marianne wants people to understand that Yoga at it’s core is a pathway to self-realization. It’s the study and care of the mind, body and spirit that truly defines yoga. I chose to attend this particular Yoga School knowing that it would be more than just a heavy focus on asanas. And although we did learn tons of different styles of yoga practices, and ways to approach and teach asanas, it truly was a school that honoured the ancient art of Yoga. I now understand more fully the love and light that yoga can bring into your life (through asanas, meditation, nutrition, anatomy, love, connection etc).

Marianne said multilple times throughout training that her program is a thinking one. She’s not there to spoon feed you, but rather to open your mind to what’s possible and help you get to a place where you can safely teach and guide others, while being a student of Yoga yourself, always.

Although the two week intensive program was challenging beyond anything I had expected, it was also beautiful, eye-opening, and transformative. I had the honour of meeting some of the most special, loving, and inspiring souls I have ever come across. I made friends that will last a lifetime, including Marianne and her husband Ron, who I am forever grateful for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your wisdom and continuing to live a life of service to others.

Your son is proud beyond measure. Love and light.


Molly xx


“The yogi uses all his resources – physical, economic, mental or moral – to alleviate the pain and suffering of others. He shares his strength with the weak until they become strong. He shares his courage with those who are timid until they become brave by his example. He denies the maxim ‘survival of the fittest’, but makes the weak strong enough to survive. He comes a shelter to one and all.”

– B.K.S Iyengar

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Namaste TV Palo Santo Wood

Movement Fundamentals with Namaste TV

Good morning!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working through a new program from Namaste TV called Movement Fundamentals. The program consists of 10 ‘animal inspired’ movements i.e. frog, monkey, scorpion, gorilla etc. I actually expected it to be relatively easy for me to grasp, however some of the movements are a little bit complex and require some time and repitition to grasp. I’m still trying to nail the bear-crab roll, martial arts kick, and pistol squat! 😛

The two photos you see below are a couple of my favourite movements from the program- the top one is frog and the one below is gorilla! I included photos of level 1, but in the actual program you will see level 1, 2 and 3 demonstrated by the program leader Slava Goloubov (he’s amazing btw!).

Namaste TV Movement Fundamentals

I also absolutely love the corkscrew movement… However I’m still practicing it so that I can work up to level 3, which is done with the use of no hands!

I love this movement because as mentioned on the Namaste TV website, it offers a different way to get up and down! This movement also serves as a reminder that you don’t always need to take the easy way out! Expand your horizons a bit and challenge your mobility. 😉

Namaste TV Movement Fundamentals

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep our movement practice fresh. If we continue to do the same movements day in and day out, this will lead to massive stagnation and a serious hault in our physical and mental growth. Challenge and change is necessary… that is if you want to evolve!

If you have any questions about the program, please let me know. And if you do try it out, you’ll not only get access to the 10 movement videos, but also an amazing 77 page instructional PDF, AND access to the Movement Fundamentals Exclusive Facebook Page where some of Namaste TV‘s movement leaders will be posting videos to show you how they incorporate these 10 movements into their daily yoga / movement practice! I guarantee you’ll be blown away by the quality of this community- it thrives on love, support and sharing. Namaste TV truly is one of my favourite Vancouver based companies. <3

If you are interested in trying out Movement Fundamentals, you can visit the Namaste TV website and use code “NAMASTEMOLLY” for 15% off- this code will work for the entire website. They have some beautiful yoga flows on their site as well and some amazing products you can purchase (such as their Namaste TV apparel, and my favourite Palo Santo wood from South America – which I use before every yoga and meditation session to cleanse and uplift the energy in my home).

Namaste TV Palo Santo Wood

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you will get on your mat this weekend and MOVE… Maybe join me in practicing some gorilla and monkey movements hehe! Wish you all the best loves. 🙂


Molly xx

Wearing; Inhale/Exhale tank by Namaste TV, Leopard leggings by Urban Nirvana.

Vancouver Sunset

The Surrender Experiment

Good morning loves!! <3

I recently finished reading a book that touched my heart in so many ways. It’s called “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A. Singer.

My husband read the book a couple months ago and kept telling me how much I would love it, and he was right. I practically had tears streaming down my face through the entire book! And not because it was overly emotional or sad or anything like that…. It was simply because the author’s words touched me to my core. The only other book I read that had the same effect on me was “I Can See Clearly Now” by Wayne Dyer. And actually, these two books share a similar message, so perhaps this message keeps showing up in my life for a reason.

In “The Surrender Experiment”, Michael Singer takes us through the journey of his lifetime. He decides early on in his spiritual journey to simply let go, and let life take hold of the reins. Wherever life decides to take him, he accepts it with open arms and an open heart. He quickly realizes that flowing with life is the key to happiness… So many times we resist and we push back; when in fact we should be opening up and letting in.

I urge you to read this book! It changed my life, and I know it has the power to change yours. We are living in a crucial and pivotal time right now… It is absolutely necessary for us to work on ourselves, to become more loving, more forgiving and to share our magic with the world.

Love and light to you all. Namaste my friends. <3

Molly xx


“When you walk through a beautiful botanical garden, you feel open and light. You feel love. You see beauty. You don’t judge the shape and placement of every leaf. The leaves are of all sizes and shapes and they face every-which-way. That’s what makes them beautiful. What if you felt that way about people? What if they didn’t all have to dress the same, believe the same, or behave the same? What if they were like the flowers, and however they happened to be seemed beautiful to you?”

– Michael A. Singer

Yoga Update + My New Fave Mat

Good morning loves, <3

There are quite a few advanced yoga postures I’m currently working on in my practice, so I thought I’d share a few with you (along with some tips) and perhaps you can relate it to your own practice. 🙂

The first posture I’m working on is king dancer! This pose seemed so far out of my reach even just a few months ago… But one day during my practice last month, I flipped my grip at the last minute and voila! I pulled it off… somewhat. 😉

King dancer is a very intense posture for me, so I make sure to warm up lots before getting into the full expression. I like to do lots of heartopeners and really focus on warming up my shoulders (lots of extended puppy) beforehand. You’ll notice a huge, positive difference in your ability to pull off ANY posture if you take the time to warm up and stretch first. I can’t stress that enough. 

Another posture I’m working towards (and have been for some time now) is full camel.  Over the last few months I haven’t seen or felt too much progress in regards to this specific pose, but that’s simply because I took a bit of a step back from my usual routine (which normally includes a strong focus on backbending postures and spine conditioning exercises). Recently, I’ve been dedicating much of my practice to increasing my inner/outer hip flexibilty as well as focusing on my hamstrings.

I’m excited to get back into developing my full camel (and more backbending in general). I will definitely keep you updated over the next few months with my progress… The picture you see below is current and is as deep as I can go in full camel at the present moment. <3

As mentioned above, I’m really working hard on my inner/outer hip flexibility. I spend about 30 minutes everyday (in addition to my regular practice) focusing on poses like: pigeon, goddess, frog, lizard, and lots of lunges. I never set timelines for myself in regards to learning certain postures, but middle splits is one that I really have my heart set on! Hence, the strong focus on hip openers. 😉 I’m super excited for the day that I can comfortably chill out in the splits! I’ll let you know when that day comes. 😛

So for now, I will continue to focus on working that inner and outer hip flexibility as it’s really bringing so much joy and satisfaction to my practice… And that really is the whole point isn’t it?! <3

To be honest, my yoga journey has not included much in the way of inversions! EXCEPT, I do love a good pincha and could chill in a headstand forever… But I definitely need to build more strength in my upper body so I can start to focus more on handstands. I’m starting to alternate each day between strength and flexibility focused practices… For the last 3 to 6 months I have mainly been working my flexibility but I truly believe it’s the marrying of both strength and flexibility that will take my practice to the next level.

I’m super thankful to have some great motivation at home as well because my husband is currently working on developing his handstands and arm balances (lots of conditioning exercises). He’s really inspiring me to evolve my practice a bit more in that direction as well. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed hearing a little bit about where I’m at in my yoga journey! And, if you’re wondering about the beautiful mat I’m using in these photos, it’s from a company called: Zenlife by Gosaproject. The company is based out of Miami and I really can’t say enough about them. The owners have the most amazing, positive energy. They believe whole-heartedly in giving back and therefore they donate a percentage of every sale to help single mothers in Colombia to reduce the participation of children in the drug trafficking industry.

Not only is the company amazing, but the mat itself is super high-quality and soooo very beautiful (even more beautiful in person than in the photos)! I fell in love with it the first time I stepped foot on it. It’s perfect for hot yoga- as the grip significantly improves as your practice gets sweatier! So if you’re looking for a good mat for your Bikram class, I’d definitely consider checking out Zenlife. I also love that you can put it directly into the washing machine after your practice, just make sure to hang dry. 🙂

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Sending lots of love and good vibes your way. <3

Namaste loves,

Molly xx

Entire outfit is by Flo Activewear.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

Good morning loves! <3

It’s been a few weeks since we arrived home from Tulum and I wanted to share with you some of my favourite photos from our trip!

Our experience in Tulum wasn’t perfect by any means… we had quite a few hiccups and some challenging moments. But all in all, I’m so grateful to have gone through those moments with some absolutely beautiful souls.

Remember that in life, everything is perspective. Sometimes our expectations are not met completely… and that is totally fine. We have to learn to flow with life and take each moment as it is. That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with positive, loving people.

I hope you enjoy the photos! And if you plan on visiting Tulum anytime soon and would like some tips, feel free to shoot me an email. 🙂

I hope you have a beautiful week! Sending lots of love.

Namaste, <3

Molly xx


“Even if things don’t work out as you thought they should for you, they do – in their own way, as they were meant to.”

– Fakeer Ishavardas

Yoga Inspiration from Tulum, Mexico

Good morning! <3

I truly hope you’re all doing well and are excited for the beautiful things to come in the last quarter of 2017! I personally love this time of year… For me, it feels like a new beginning. Autumn is almost upon us, the air is fresh and crisp, the kids are back to school… It’s quite a nostalgic time really. 🙂

Irek and I arrived home from Mexico last week and are still getting back into the groove and finding our way back into our daily ‘routines’! I’m so grateful that we got to spend some quality time with our good friends, Amy and Carlo, in Tulum… and although the trip didn’t go exactly as planned, we bonded on a much deeper level and to me, that is worth so much more than a ‘perfect’ vacation with no hiccups or obstacles.

Mexico Yoga

I plan on writing a blog post soon dedicated to our Tulum trip where I’ll share some tips and tricks to help you if you do plan on visiting the area… But for now I wanted to share some yoga inspiration with you! Yoga is a central part of my life, and I’m just loving the growth I’m feeling phsyically, and emotionally, each time I step on my mat. I’m also soooo excited to start teaching next spring after my training in Bali!!! It will be amazing to share my practice more openly with the world and connect with you guys on a more individual and personal level. <3

So for now, let this post serve as your reminder to never compare your practice to others. Simply flow, and grow and just focus on what feels good for you in each given moment. Don’t over analyze, don’t set strict timelines… just be and I promise, all is coming.

Sending all my love and light to you. <3 Try to keep your energy up over these next few months and focus on what makes you happy… Maybe try switching up your routine a bit too if you can! I’ve been going for morning runs this week and it’s really setting the stage emotionally for me each day. Strict routines can be a bit dangerous and stifling for your soul growth (so always try and switch things up and know that change is the only constant).

If anyone reading this is struggling or needs some emotional support, feel free to email me at I have an influx of positive, loving energy right now and am ready and willing to share it, so just let me know if you need a few extra words of encouragement. We’re all connected, and I truly believe we have a responsibility to share the light and help others to shine.

Wishing you all the best my friends! 🙂


Molly xx


“Be kind to your sleeping heart. Take it out into the vast fields of light… and let it breathe.”

– Hafez

How I Maintain Healthy Skin & Avoid Breakouts

Good mornings loves!

Recently, I’ve been receiving quite a few questions regarding my ‘skincare best practices’

Since I’ve personally gone through quite a transformation over the past few years with my own skincare routine, I thought it may be helpful to share some tips with you guys. Hopefully you’ll see positive results as well! <3

  1. Eliminate animal products from your diet. There is nothing worse for your skin in my opinion than dairy, and meat products. Before I became vegan I used to break out quite often (and usually after eating a big cheesy pizza). So, if you are an omnivore, try even just eliminating animal products for a week or two- so you can see for yourself. I guarantee you’ll notice less breakouts, and more radiant skin almost immediately.
  2. Increase your water intake. As soon as you start drinking more water and filtering out all those toxins, you allow your skin to breathe again. I drink 3 litres of water everyday and this definitely keeps my skin healthy and glowing (not to mention all the other benefits of keeping nicely hydrated- i.e. increased energy, digestive health etc). 
  3. Cleanse your face daily. Even if you don’t wear makeup everyday you still need to cleanse and wash your face. Throughout the day we get all kinds of buildup on our skin which obviously clogs pores. Think about it- using a great skin moisturizer, but not cleansing first, defeats the whole purpose. First you need to cleanse and clear, and then apply the moisturizer.  I recommend checking out OSEA Malibu, specifically their Ocean Cleanser (it’s light and perfect for daily use).
  4. Eliminate stressors from your life. Sometimes stress and breakouts go hand in hand. Our mind and body is so interconnected that stress or anxiety can be a definite cause for nasty breakouts. I used to live a very busy, stressful life (most of us do), and was therefore prone to getting bad breakouts. I now meditate consistently, and in conjunction with the above 3 points, I rarely have skin issues anymore.

So just be aware and do your best to incorporate the above points into your daily routine. I would absolutely love to hear your feedback in the comments below. 😉

Thanks for reading! Have a beautiful day.


Molly xx

Find Meaning, and Move Along

Good morning loves, <3

Today I want to share a little bit about dealing with people and situations in your life that don’t necessarily match well with your energetic vibration

As you know already, yoga and meditation are a huge part of my life, and for me, they really are the key to sustaining balance and peace in my heart. But regardless of how much you meditate, or how peaceful you are (or at least try to be), situations will always arise that test your resolve and your ability to keep the peace.

Beach Yoga

I don’t often have much negativity surrounding me but it does happen from time to time. I think the number one lesson I’ve learned when challenging experiences arise, is that you always have to come back to your heart…

Come back to that quiet place within you, that knows the truth. <3

Beach Yoga

I find it very difficult to sift through intense, conflicting emotions because I am usually in such a loving state… So, the only thing I can tell you is that once you’ve spent some time reflecting and trying to find meaning, there also comes a time when you must simply close that chapter and move forward.

The only thing you need to do in this life (and in the next) is to be true to who you are, follow your own heart, and let your soul guide you… Focus on the people in your life that show you love and non-judgement. Those are the ones that matter, for they are the ones that will be most impactful in your life. Negativity and judgement are present in those that don’t take the time to quiet their hearts and minds, and therefore they can only see the world through their level of perception.

Beach Yoga

All of us are here to continue learning and growing. I choose to focus on love and light, and I will move forward with those that are on the same vibration as me…

I will also continue to go deep within my heart to find love and compassion for those that try to bring me down, for they are pivotal in the evolution and awakening of the spirit.

Beach Yoga

Wishing you a beautiful week, full of positive vibes and good energy. 🙂


Molly xx

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If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along.

-Wayne Dyer 

Back Bend Yoga Pose

Discovering and Embracing Our Oneness

Good morning everyone! <3

I wanted to start the week off with a bit of a reflective post, relating to a beautiful quote I read the other day by Black Elk. If you keep up with my Instagram page, you’ll already be familiar with my love for beautiful quotes and inspiring messages… So, let’s stick with that theme for today’s post. 😉

“The peace which is the most important, is that which comes to the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe.”

-Black Elk

Scorpion Pose Yoga

I fell in love with this quote because I feel it to be an absolute truth in my own life…

Once this peace came to me, this understanding (of the ‘bigger picture’ so to speak), my life and perspective was forever changed. Now, this doesn’t mean that my everyday is sunshine and lollipops, but it does mean that I understand things have meaning. Coincidence does not exist.

Everything in this life is a lesson… and sometimes it takes a lot of reflection to find a meaning that makes sense to you, one that resonates in your heart to be true. But nothing ever happens just to happen. We live on a soul training planet, and until we grasp that, we won’t ascend to the next density.

Forearm Stand Yoga Pose

Just some food for thought on this beautiful Monday morning… Have a great week! 🙂

Namaste loves,

Molly xx

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