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Alice Lake

Alice Lake

Irek and I did a bit of exploring around the Squamish area this weekend. On our way to Whistler we always pass by this sign that says “Alice Lake” and are always intrigued. This time we decided to stop by and have a look!

Alice Lake BC

Turns out it’s a beautifully secluded little area with tons of places to picnic and a lovely beach area. We noticed right away how quiet it was and the area just felt very calming. We looked on the map to see if there were any hikes to do to find some nice view points. We ended up just doing a short 2 hour hike through the forest, which was super easy, and there wasn’t too much of a view. However, if you have little ones, or are not into super tough hikes then this one would be a good option.

We’ll definitely be going back and bringing a SUP. The lake was perfect for supping, especially if you’re a newbie, as it was very calm and quiet. There were at least 4 or 5 people supping when we were there.

Alice Lake BC

Like all the places we go in BC, this one was super beautiful and full of life – birds, toads, insects all around us. This area is also a large wildlife territory, so you have to be on the watch at all times for cougars, bob cats, bears, and wolves! We didn’t see any but we definitely heard some sounds on the hike! Always be aware and make lots of noise so you don’t sneak up on anyone!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom and step-mom, and all the other amazing women who support us and love us.


Molly xx


“I can’t imagine anything more important than air, water, soil, energy and biodiversity. These are the things that keep us alive.”

– David Suzuki

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