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Discovering Costa Rica With Four Seasons

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Looking back on my time in Costa Rica, I have to say, it was one of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve had. The country is more nature than anything else. It’s raw, organic, and beautiful beyond words.

The week we visited was one of the last weeks of the dry season and we actually experienced one of the first heavy rains since December 16th! We were told one of the best times to visit the country (although it’s beautiful all year round) is in December, nearing the end of the wet season. Everything is lush, green and plentiful… We’ll definitely be heading back later this year or early 2018. 🙂

During our first week in Costa Rica, we stayed at the lovely Four Seasons Resort at Peninsula Papagayo, which is located on the north Pacific coast, in the northwest province of Guanacaste. The hotel has 2 beautiful beaches on either side, one facing the sunrise, and one the sunset. In the mornings, from your room, you can hear the Howler monkeys making their morning calls to protect their young. There really is nothing like waking up to the sounds of nature; I felt so close to and so connected with Mother EarthFour Seasons is such a beautiful place.

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Whenever Irek and I travel, we always wake up for sunrise, no matter what. I love to get the most out of each day, and experience as much as we can.

One morning we did a 2 hour hike around the Four Seasons grounds. It was amazing… and super, super hot! We were all dripping within the first 10 minutes. But it was worth it! We encountered a whole family of Howler monkeys, and spent a good amount of time watching them, in awe of their beauty. After the hike, I did some yoga on the beach and had some beautiful meditation sessions…

Its so easy to feel connected and at peace in Costa Rica. The energy is like nothing else!

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Four Seasons is the perfect place to visit if you’re up for an adventure! The hotel offers paddle boarding, jet skiing, snorkelling, surfing etc. I finally got to paddle board for the first time in a couple years, and it was awesome! Mind you, it was bit rough on the water that day, so it turned into quite an intense workout… but I loved every second!

Now, that being said, Four Seasons is equally great for simply relaxing by the pool, listening to the birds chirping, and soaking up the hot, Costa Rican sun! And wow, is it hot in Costa Rica! I wasn’t expecting it to be so humid; make sure you pack light if you visit, as you won’t be wearing too many clothes while you’re there! Flip flops and bikinis for days… 😉

Four Seasons Costa Rica

We had some incredible meals at Four Seasons (and some fabulous cocktails as well – specifically the white sangria with passionfruit… so delicious)! Irek, Amy, Carlo and I all felt the vegan food was amazing and enjoyed every single dish we had.

I really have a thing for breakfast buffets, and the one at Four Seasons was fantastic. There was so much variety, something for everyone regardless of your dietary restrictions. Having healthy, substantial meals when you’re traveling is so important, and for us, that can really make or break an experience. Four Seasons did not disappoint, huge thanks to the chefs for taking such great care of us! 🙂

Four Seasons Costa Rica

I can’t say enough about Costa Rica and our stay at Four Seasons. We had the best time, and the best travel buddies (Amy and Carlo)! This will definitely go down as one of my favourite trips of all time… I would go back to Costa Rica in a heartbeat (and I suggest you do to)!

A huge thank you to Four Seasons for hosting us; especially for the amazing service, and the unforgettable memories. Being such a huge nature-lover, I was really in my element and am so grateful for the experience.

Until next time…

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Thanks for reading, have a beautiful day. Lots of love. 🙂

Molly xx


Let the beauty we love be what we do.

– Rumi

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